Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's

            April Fool's day is very stressful for me. It is hard enough to follow what people are saying. Oftentimes I find myself stretching to grasp where people are coming from when the say something to me. Very often things don't quite make sense or seem right.
            And then you get a day where people are purposely trying to catch one another off their guard.
"Did you hear we're supposed to get a foot of snow today?"
"April Fools!"
            Ordinarily that's just good fun, but when a person with a brain injury is the victim it can be quite mean. Everybody feels like a fool when they fall for something like that, and the joker feels quite clever to have put one over on somebody. But it is a painful reminder to a person with a brain injury that they have problems with processing information. Sure, it can happen to anybody, that's the spirit of the April Fools holiday, but for a person with a brain injury everyday seems like that and to have a day that is specifically meant to do that fills them with dread.
            So, if you don't have a brain injury, imagine this; What if every day was like April Fool's Day? What if every conversation you were in had the potential of ending in a "Gotcha!" Imagine how that would fill your day with trepidation. You have to admit that it would get quite tiresome. On April first it is hard for anyone to keep up their guard, sooner or later somebody is going to yell, "April Fool's!" and they will be caught. If it happens too often it gets very tiresome very quickly.
            That's what brain injury is like every day. Except people aren't even trying to pull one over on you, it just feels like it. They might as well yell, April Fool's life!"


  1. I never thought of this comparison before. It's a good one. For some reason it reminds me of the well-intentioned folks who, when I tell them I have NO short term memory, say to me, "Oh, I forget everything too."

    "Oh really?" I want to ask. "Do you wake up every day and you have to write the day and date down 3 times before you can remember it...and even that doesn't always work and people think you're stupid?"

    I feel like I sound like a whiner if I tell them this isn't normal forgetfulness. So, I let it slide. And it festers.

    The folks who say "I forget things too" are my "April fools."

  2. Thanks for the comment Ann, you are so right! I was thinking about this and decided the next time somebody tells me they know how I feel, and that they have a bad memory too, I'm going to say, "Really, when you meet someone who's disability has left them in a wheelchair do you tell them the same thing, 'I know how you feel, I trip over my own feet sometimes' because it is pretty much what you are saying to me."

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